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The carrier of this medicine is Shaman Enrique.

Enrique is 52 years old and he has born in Mexico City, he has been a facilitator with the medicine for many years and has witnessed many participants heal in various ways;

  • drug addiction,
  • depression,
  • anxiety,
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • or any kind of trauma blockages.

He has been blessed by the elders of the Seri & Otam tribe from Sonora, to share the knowledge with him.

Kike is here to guide you through your personal journey with loving assistance.



Small groups, maximum 7 participants per day, to provide the time and quality people need.

The duration of the ceremony is about 1 hr 1 and 1/2 per person (depending of the need of the participant, is many chances that the participant can go for 1 or 3 medicine intakes depending on the healing, blockages, traumas or addiction to release.


After having a talk and interview with all the participants the first one is invited to sit down in front of Shaman, the medicine is prepared and the participant is given the intention to it, in that moment The Shaman Kike uses seventh Tibetan bowl, the one it works on the seven chakras as well the medicine does (sajasra-ara which function is transcendence, connection with the divinity and universe ),  after he pass some copal to all chakras to clean and give protection by touching each of them and making the rests of the intention.

Afterward the participant is explained how exercises breath is, and how need to be done on the best and right way.

We proceed to the taking ………..

A few seconds after the inhalation, The Shaman Kike starts with the power songs (Icaros)

and takes medicine with the participants.

After, if the participant is relaxed in the process, he proceeds to use the solar plexus Tibetan bowl (chakra”Manipura”) that function is the intuition, mind power, control, and self-freedom.

Kike also uses the Tibetan bowl of the root (chakra “Muladhara”) with its function of survival and safety instinct.

All of them accompanied by quartz and minerals also in the healing to enhance and give a better vibration and energy to the healing process.

When people are reintegrating after the experience it may be possible to use rape to ground people.

Enrique Navarro